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What it’s like to be an urban planner

What people think of urban planners

2 comments on “What it’s like to be an urban planner

  1. Paul
    2012: March 9

    Hi Adam,

    I had a talk with Matt Blackett and he refered me to you in terms of possible work on urban space blogs. He also mentioned something about buttons. Please give me the heads up if you are interested in talking.


  2. UnionJackJamesBond
    2012: April 25

    LOOOOOL!!!!!! Oh, this is rich! I’m having quite a giggle right now! You have no idea who I am or why I am laughing, and I have no idea who you are either in fact! But your name… I have a drama character with the EXACT SAME NAME, and he is…. well, to say the very least, a cruel psychotic beast with no purpose to live. Of course, you seem quite the opposite (aside from creating modern architecture which I find very bland, depressing, and sterile. I hate modern architecture in other words, I’m more of a Victorian era to 1940’s guy myself.) Sorry for the randomness, but I was really impressed by this random encounter. XD

    Best Wishes!

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