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CSSC Re-post: Teenage Dance places 6th in Canadian Short Screenplay Competition

Triumphant Death of Frank Bean, by Catherine R. Hardin Takes CSSC 2013 Top Prize

Posted on May 25, 2013 by David Cormican

Congratulations to all of the nominees and finalists in this year’s 2013 Canadian Short Screenplay Competition. The final standings as determined by the industry judges are as follows:

1 – The Triumphant Death of Frank Bean    Catherine R. Hardin
2 – This Modern Man is Beat                 David J Schroeder
3 – Bigger and Better                         Liz Ulin

4 – Bernie and Rebecca                     John Harris
5 – Birthday for Boris                         Billy Ray Fong
6 – Teenage Dance                         Adam Bentley
7 – And the Dead Body Makes Five             Audra Wheeler
8 – Wisdom of the Ancients                 M. Perlick
9 – The Little Death                         Colette Thomas
10 – Ice Fishing                             Anders Mickelson
11 – Re:                                     Jeffrey Aarles
12 – Last Ride of The Carver                 Eric Borden
13 – Philadelphia                         Mark Spasaro

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