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EnRoute Film Festival presents my short documentary “iCUP”

EnRoute Film Festival presents my short documentary “iCUP”

Edmonton’s new stand-alone public washrooms raise the question how much privacy are we willing to lose to satisfy our need for a “safe” washroom?

Please go to the link and click the red banner in the top right corner to vote for the film to win EnRoute’s Viewer’s Choice Award. The winner gets a trip to the Sundance Film Festival. It’s a win-win opportunity because everyone who votes can enter into a draw for a flight on Air Canada. Additionally, tweet with hashtag #icuponac or send me a screenshot of your vote to be entered into another draw to win some Edmonton swag.

4 comments on “EnRoute Film Festival presents my short documentary “iCUP”

  1. Clark
    2013: August 13

    Just clicked on the red banner for your documentary! Awesome job!! Hope you wins. As a side note, I’ve got a strange question for you. I remember seeing a shorter version of the documentary a while back on youtube. (I can’t seem to find it anymore for some reason). Was the shorter version made first as a sort of a trailer or your full length documentary was completed at the time, but you just decided to make a trailer afterwards? Just curious…

    • adambentley
      2013: August 13

      Thanks! I posted the exact same version right after the Spacing Edmonton launch but took it down at the request of festivals. The interPLAY Film Festival recently posted a 30-second trailer on their website. Remember that every time you vote, you can enter your details in a draw for Air Canada tickets and if you send me a screenshot of the “thanks for voting” banner, you’re in a draw to win some Old Strathcona swag.

  2. frederika eilers
    2013: October 22

    Koodoos congrats on making an awesome film!

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