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Luke’s Kitchen (2009)

At 17, Luke Hayes-Alexander is the head chef of his family’s gourmet restaurant in Kingston, Ontario. Every day, this teen prodigy uses local, organic ingredients to create surreal charcuterie and other such dishes for his guests. Join Luke as he devotes his mind, body, and soul to creating “the food of his imagination”.

I directed this short documentary in 2009.

Key Subjects:
Luke Hayes-Alexander
Carrie Hayes
Martin Mallet

Key Crew:
Zenon Turczyn (Videography)

Awards & Recognition:
BEST DOCUMENTARY – Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival, Toronto, Canada (2009)
LOCAL SHORTS SCREENING – Kingston Canadian Film Festival, Kingston, Canada (2009)
SELECTED FOR SCREENING – CKCU-FM’s 35th Anniversary, Ottawa, Canada (2010)

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